Git for Windows (Git-1.7.4-preview20110204)


msysgit (gplv2) が更新されてました。
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Git for Windows Release Notes (Git-1.7.4-preview20110204)

Last update: 4 February 2011


These release notes describe issues specific to the Git for Windows

General release notes covering the history of the core git commands are
included in the subdirectory doc/git/html of the installation
directory. Look for files starting with RelNotes.

Known issues

- Some commands are not yet supported on Windows and excluded from the
  installation; namely: git archimport, git cvsexportcommit, git
  cvsimport, git cvsserver, git instaweb, git shell.

- The Logitec QuickCam software can cause spurious crashes. See "Why
  does make often crash creating a sh.exe.stackdump file when I try to
  compile my source code?" on the MinGW Wiki

- The Quick Launch icon will only be installed for the user running
  setup (typically the Administrator). This is a technical restriction
  and will not change.

- curl uses $HOME/_netrc instead of $HOME/.netrc.

- If you want to specify a different location for --upload-pack, you
  have to start the absolute path with two slashes. Otherwise MSys will
  mangle the path.

- git and bash have serious problems with non-ASCII file names (Issue
  80, 159).

- If configured to use plink, you will have to connect with putty first
  and accept the host key.

- As merge tools are executed using the MSys bash, options starting with
  "/" need to be handled specially: MSys would interpret that as a POSIX
  path, so you need to double the slash (Issue 226).  Example: instead
  of "/base", say "//base".  Also, extra care has to be paid to pass
  Windows programs Windows paths, as they have no clue about MSys style
  POSIX paths -- You can use something like $(cmd //c echo

Changes since Git-
  Comes with Git 1.7.4 plus patches.
  Includes antiword to enable viewing diffs of .doc files
  Includes poppler to enable viewing diffs of .pdf files
  Removes cygwin paths from the bash shell PATH