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2013年10月 3日

Cal にナビ機能が追加!! #Anydo

Uber 対応(サービス対応国)が正式アナウンス。

「Uber とのディールはまだ難しいだろう。」




さておき、取り急ぎナビゲーションの追加とiOS 7対応です。

What's New in Version 1.2.6
A big update for Cal:

■ Need a ride for your next meeting?
Call an Uber with one click on Cal (available on supported locations)

■ Navigate your way
Choose your navigation service and navigate your own way

■ Celebrating your friend's birthday?
Show your love and buy an awesome birthday gift

■ Confirmation email
Make sure everyone are coming and will make it on time

■ Full iOS7 support
iOS7 is finally here, we've been preparing for months!

■ Don't zone out
We added an improved time zone support

■ Bug fixes
We squashed TONS of known bugs.

Enjoy! :)

iTunes Store Cal 1.2.6

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