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2013年3月 7日

#Fantastical が 1.1 に Fantastic age。バッヂに日付を表示できるよう!

今回はイベント関連の機能(Facebook Eventが編集可能)が大幅に拡張されました。

Fantastical 1.1(¥350)App

カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, ユーティリティ
販売元: Flexibits Inc. - Flexibits Inc.(サイズ: 7.7 MB)

It's been less than 3 months since Fantastical was released but we've been hard at work. We're proud to present this update that includes your most requested features:


- Multiple alerts when creating events (イベント作成時に複数のアラートを設定)
- Time zone support (タイムゾーンのサポート)
- Duplicate or move events (tap and hold an event in the event list)
- Go to a specific date (tap and hold the red title bar)
- Event list is now scrollable when using the calendar
- Today's timed events dim after the event has ended
- Copied text containing event info can automatically be made into an event
- Added setting to highlight weekends 
- Added setting to show empty days on the DayTicker
- Added setting to display the number of today's remaining events or date on the app icon badge
- State restoration (iOS 6 only)
- A staggering number of other improvements, parser enhancements, and bug fixes

Thanks for making Fantastical the best-selling calendar app on the App Store. We hope you enjoy this update!

(お陰様で AppStore の cal 部門で・・・ナンバー ワン!このアップデートを、「どうか嫌いにならないでくださいっ!」)


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