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Path 念願のマイルストーン 2.5.x を刻す。#i18n, 映画、本ジャーナルも。


まず 親愛なる Path




訳的には勿論問題のない部分なのですが画面 UI の見栄え、バランスといったところでしょうか。そういったところ、UI を見て気づいた点が幾つかありました。


・ボタン テキストで”私が”等の主語使用は控えたい。(「I は 私」...とメモリーで定義している部分もあるので難しいか)

チーム翻訳作業の中一番貢献していない私が言うのも恐れ多いのですがどしどしご意見ご指摘を承り ASAP で添削したいと息巻いてます。
どうか @daisuke までお申し付けくださいませ。


What's New in Version 2.5
★ Movies & Books! Share the movies you watch and books you read with full previews, actor and author pages, synopses, and reviews.
★ Improved camera that can instantly capture square and landscape photos and videos.
★ New tools to help you fix and improve photos: Glo, Depth, Zoom, and Crop ? use Glo to fix and enhance details in dark or bright photos.
★ Simpler more personal invitations ? invite your friends to Path with a personally written or recorded audio message.
★ Newly designed and easily accessible rich notifications from your friends.
★ Keep up on conversations with new “For Friends” notifications.
? Photos and videos are now displayed 30% larger!
? Quickly snap photos using the volume button.
? Simple one-tap video recording (no more switch!).
? Nudge your friends for photos and check-ins from their city or neighborhood.
? Help friends get started on Path now with friend suggestions.
? Bug fixes.

上が iPhone, 下が Android です。

・バグ fixed

★ Movies & Books! Share what you're watching and reading.
★ New square and landscape photos, and Glo and Crop photo tools ? use Glo to enhance details in dark or bright photos.*
★ New rich notifications for your activity and your friends' conversations.
★ Invite friends to Path with personalized messages.
★ Photos and videos are now displayed 30% larger!
★ Nudge friends for photos and check-ins.
? Bug fixes.
* Photo lenses and editing features require Android 2.3.3+ with OpenGL ES 2.0.

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