[i18n]Dropbox Client に日本語言語が追加! #hack4jp ですね

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タンブラー。の日本語 UI ローンチ という貢献に続き Dropbox から「プロダクト、サービスの国際化」という祈りが届きました。

 Dropbox Client 1.1.6 Beta (forum build) Windows, OS X, Linux x86_x64

取り急ぎ上記デスクトップ クライアントにて利用可能。
仏、独、西、日 言語が新たに追加(実際は 1.1.4 から)されたようです。

bless Dropbox.

Hola amigos! Salut mes amis! Hallo meine Freunde! こんにちはお友達!

If you can read the above you're in luck. The Dropbox client is now translated to your language! (And apologies if I didn't translate the text above correctly.)

We've submitted your translation suggestions to our translators and they've made many corrections. We've also added a couple more features so keep the translation comments coming in.

o Minor UI fixes. (If you spot them I'll be impressed!)

o Fix appindicator on Maverick. (Note: please remove the old .dropbox-dist before installing this version)
o Fix notifications with long titles.

o New translations!
o Fix gallery links that were sometimes generated incorrectly.
o Website language now changes when you set the language in your client.
o New Network panel in OSX preferences to replace Proxy and Bandwidth. OSX Preference changes are always instant or force you into a modal workflow.
o Fix for users using British English in OSX. It now defaults to American English instead of something else.
o Fix merge dialog in Linux and Windows setupwizard to be clearer.
o Fix fstab editing in Linux so it does not reorder your mounts.
o Fix application indicator support for Ubuntu 11.04 (we now use libappindicator)
o Other small fixes