Secunia PSI 2.0 Public Beta リリース

Secunia PSI の次期バージョンである 2.0 のパブリック ベータ第一弾がリリースされました。
UI の刷新と CSI との統合がメインですね。

  • Automatic Updates: Functionality for Auto Updates is now implemented as a core feature in the Secunia PSI.
  • New User Interface: A new User Interface has been implemented. The design has been updated to make it simpler and easy to use the Secunia PSI as well as improving the overall look and feel.
  • Integration with Secunia CSI: The new Secunia PSI features integration with the commercial Secunia CSI. Secunia CSI customers can learn more about this feature with the release of the Secunia CSI 4.1.
  • Improved Presentation of Scan Result: The presentation of scan results have been significantly improved, using techniques that have been tested during the Technology Preview.
    The Scan Results will be grouped according to their installation and patch state, which in turn makes it simpler to identify the programs that actually requires the latest security patches and which are e.g. "simply" left-over files from previous installations.
  • Various minor bug fixes