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tag (カラフルなバーコード) 


json 埋め込みのように、あらゆる情報をバーコードに!という認識でよいのかな。 hex でも表せるんだね。読めるデバイスはこちら。 http://tag.microsoft.com/resources/mobile-support.aspxless than a minute ago via Twit for Windows

仕様もしっかり固まっていて us ではポジティブな反応が見られる Microsoft のプロジェクト Microsoft tag


Microsoft Tag vs. Other 2D Codes

どちらかといえばそのエコ システムにインパクトを受けたのですが以下の 2 点が普及させるためのコア フィーチャーと言えそうです。


読み込み対応機種はモダン デバイスなら大抵カバーしており、肝と思われる作成マネージャーも極力シンプルな設計となっている。

メインランドにおいて tag の意を現実世界のソレに戻すことができるか。

個人的には展開の方が気になるばかり :)

Microsoft Tag vs. Other 2D Codes

Linking real-world objects to deeper experiences on mobile phones started in Japan with QR Codes. Microsoft Tag provides a next-generation solution that offers many useful improvements.

Tag is an end-to-end system that provides many capabilities beyond simply opening a URL, and is built upon an architecture that allows for new functionality to be added over time. Instead of just opening a URL, the Tag system leverages dedicated client software and a cloud-based back-end to provide functionality that just isn’t possible with earlier QR Codes. For example, the Tag system has built-in reporting to let you know how your Tags are being scanned, and enables you to provide integrated solutions that span multiple Tags and sessions. And over time, it can provide many other value-added services.

The new bar code format itself also provides many advantages. Tags can be created in a much smaller size than older bar codes and can be read faster and under a wider range of lighting conditions. Tag provides the option to make Custom Tags that full integrate your brand’s personality into the Tag itself, creating colorful, visually exciting codes that don’t distract from your message. Learn more about how to create Custom Tags.

Here are just some of the reasons to use Microsoft Tag:
Adaptable Size
Tag's small size makes it a perfect choice for use in printed materials and visual media forms.

Customized Look and Feel
It's easy to customize the look of a Tag to reflect the personality of the person or a brand.

Single Source
All Tags report back to a single source, ensuring a high consistency in user experience across multiple devices and platform types.

Reliability of Reads
Overcomes limited camera phone optics, resolution, and processing power.

Advanced Analytics
Captures the number of click-throughs and scans of a particular Tag, as well as the resulting responses.

The Tag Reader application runs on all the major phone platforms, and users can instantly download the app from a single site. Even better, unlike older formats, every Microsoft Tag can be read by every Tag Reader, so there is no consumer confusion that results from incompatible solutions. Tags just work.
Create Tags For Your Business
Customize Interactive Experiences

Create a unique personality for your business and customize interactive experiences with your customers. Create custom Tags for your marketing materials, brochures, ads, catalogs, in-store displays, posters, business cards, or just whenever you want a unique design. Don’t limit your creativity! With traditional 2D bar codes, you are restricted to the industrial look of the code on your materials―working against your brand, not with it. Now, with Microsoft Custom Tags, the code can be integrated into the look and form of the messaging itself. Let your design and content reflect your brand identity.
Try It Out Today

Getting started is simple, fast and free. Visit the Tag Manager to start creating Tags!

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