Dropbox 0.8.1 Experimental リリース (all platforms)

drobox-exp-0-8-1.jpgDropbox 0.7.100 (0.7.x 最終) がリリース





Windows に関してですがローカル クライアントに目立った変更はなく、ほとんどがメモリ、sqlite db、 sync などのパフォーマンス チューニングに注力したビルドとなっています。

どうやら(ユーザーがもっとも歓迎すべき?!) 0.8.x は安定性を徹底追求したマイルストーンとなりますかな。 自身が安定期だしね。

Sync 関連の柔軟な Tweak はコア コードがあがり次第、来るべき Stable に実装されるようで待望されます。

(Python GIL のパッチ適用は開発を加速させるのかな?) 


features/enhancements in 0.8.1:

  • syncing of extended attributes and resource forks! supporting xattrs reliably and performantly across all three platforms was no small feat. we now sync everything from spotlight comments to label colors, the executable bit, bundle bit, preferences on what application to open a particular file with, etc. just yesterday, we played tic-tac-toe with label colors within a shared folder at dropbox hq :-)
  • significantly improved startup time for large dropboxes (all platforms, but particularly on windows)
  • countless performance improvements across the board when dealing with large file sets
  • the majority of the client now uses a custom-written memory allocator that is much more effective at preventing memory fragmentation/high memory usage
  • the dropbox cache folder is now located within the dropbox folder - this should be helpful for those running dropboxes on partitions/profiles with limited space available
  • the dropbox sqlite db is now split up into two databases (filejournal.db and sigstore.db). we made several schema changes/optimizations on the client side database and there should be significantly less fragmentation within the client filejournal database. additionally, the size of the database will no longer grow unbounded as it did it the past
  • dropbox idle memory usage no longer varies significantly with the number of files in your dropbox. we did a great deal of optimization and re-architecting to make this happen :)
  • patch applied to python GIL to improve concurrency

features enabled after core sync code appears to be stable:

  • selective sync! the interface allows you to check/uncheck any folder/subfolder within your dropbox. deselecting a folder will mean that dropbox won't download (or upload) files within this folder. there's an 'advanced view' that'll allow ignoring of files by path filters.
  • new status ui - this interface will allow you to diagnose/fix sync issues with your dropbox. files that can't sync because of illegal characters, permissions errors, low disk space, etc. will all be visible here.
  • new native cocoa ui on mac. the preferences menu/setup wizard/status/selective sync UI have been rewritten in cocoa to both appear more native and also to reduce memory footprint (i.e. our preferences UI won't look ugly anymore ;-). once we switch, expect memory usage on OS X dropbox to reduce 10-15MB and for the download size to also drop about 10MB.
  • support for completely new/unannounced public sharing model :-)