Padre 0.50 Standalone もリリース


via Curtis Jewell's Perl stuff

Padre Standalone 版にも含まれていますが Strawberry Perl も Oct 2009 に続いて Beta ページにブートストラップ版がリリース。

Strawberry Perl October 2009

* Updated to the new Perl 5.10.1 release.
o Includes a CPAN dev release with some Strawberry-specific fixes.
o New build methodology for C libraries, which prevents clashes with different versions of the same DLL library earlier in the path (resolves libxml.dll clash with RapidSVN amoungst many other problems).
* Large increase in bundled packages
o Includes the Postgres client libraries, to allow DBD::Pg to build.
o Includes OpenSSL to provide https support (and to install Postgres client)
o Includes the huge set of crypto modules needed for Module::Signature.
o Includes DB_File support to allow the installation of BioPerl from the CPAN.