Process Hacker が間もなく

Mark (Sysinternals) の Process Explorer をリスペクト・踏襲しカラーライズは勿論 scvhost マニアをくすぐるフィーチャーがてんこ盛りのタスクマン

Process Hacker の次期 stable のキャンディデイトと呼べるスナップショット(バイナリ、ソース、セットップ)が ohloh にて公開されました。

Process Hacker r1896
{ gpl3 en }

順調にいけば間もなく Sourceforge にも公開されるでしょう。


* #2817429 - "Add Port and IP Address columns to Network tab"
* #2845829 - "System uptime"
* #2853452 - "Find handles window: Minor usability improvements"
* Update system
* Network tools: ping, traceroute and whois
* Displays IPv6 network connections
* Two new terminator tests: W1 (send WM_DESTROY messages) and
W2 (send WM_QUIT messages)
* Mutant owner information
* Elevation prompt when attempting to view process properties
* All list views now have sort arrows
* Network list now displays process tooltips
* Decreased memory and CPU usage
* Added a glossary to Help
* #2820170 - "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException in network list"
* #2845427 - "Indicator integer overflow"
* #2847691 - "Apply button bug"
* #2849052 - "not defined by current visual style"
* Critical KProcessHacker denial-of-service security issues
* Incorrect menu items for System threads
* Crash when viewing error details in the event
of a corrupt configuration file
* Notification icons were fixed at 16x16 size
* Sort order for the relative start time column