Net Tranport 更新(日本語言語も)

Net Transport が更新されました。

Net Transport :
* Improved NTLM authentication algorithm according to Microsoft official specification.
* Improved "URL-Sniffer" to capture UTF-8 encoding URLs for RTMP.
* Prolonged parsing time up to 30 seconds for a single TCP connection to get more resources.
* Added a feature for scheduler to allow you to record streaming every desired minutes. For example, you can record 10 minutes every an hour from 8:00am to 6:00pm. This feature helps to reduce the amount of scheduled entries.
* Fixed a bug that "Seed" and "Step" fields of "Scheduler" dialog could not be set higher than 100.
* Smaller DHT code.
* Modified that when you open BT task by menu "Open Directory", if the BT task downloads a directory, then this action will open that directory, otherwise select the downloaded file.
* Fixed a bug that eMule processed packed packet incorrectly.
* Modified that the torrent seed task downloaded via HTTP would be converted to BT task at once. When the BT task is deleted, the seed file will also be deleted.
* Added an option to allow you to choice preferred cipher for SSH.
* Added CAST-128, RC4 ciphers for SSH.
* Added a feature that you can restart uncompleted tasks.